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Ikan Focus Motor

Manufacturer : Ikan

The ikan Live Air Compact Wireless Lens Control System allows you to adjust focus from up to 33' away. The system features a rod-mount follow focus mini motor and a wireless Bluetooth controller, both battery operated. Via an integrated 15mm rod clamp, the motor mounts on an included 15mm rod that attaches to your camera's hot shoe or a camera cage cold shoe using a supplied shoe-mount rod clamp. The motor sits on the side of the lens and automatically calibrates to the mapping of your lens and can handle both subtle and rapid focus pulls. Its 0.8 pitch drive gear is compatible with most cine lenses and with DSLR lenses with gear rings. This system is recommended for follow focus applications only because it has a variable thumb control on the Bluetooth controller. For zoom control, please see the PDL-AZ Live Air system, which offers a rocker on the Bluetooth controller.

The Bluetooth controller is mountable as well via a built-in clamp that grips onto any rod/tube 15 to 30mm in diameter, such as a pan bar or gimbal handle. The Bluetooth controller runs on an internal battery that lasts up to 8 hours in use and 20 hours in standby. The motor uses an included 7.2V, 600mAh battery that runs approximately 4 hours thanks to a built-in power-saving feature. The batteries of both units are rechargeable using the included USB cables. Both units are designed with a magnesium alloy body that provides better shock absorption, lower density, and impact resistance

Key Features

  • Ultra-compact motor with built-in Bluetooth module and integrated single 15mm rod clamp
  • Short rod mount and on-camera, shoe-mount rod clamp included
  • 33' Bluetooth remote controller mountable on any rod/pole/tube 15 to 30mm in diameter
  • 0.8 pitch drive gear
  • Automatically calibrates to the mapping of your lens
  • Suitable for both subtle and rapid focus pulls
  • Fully battery-operated
  • Magnesium alloy construction
  • LED battery status indication


Booking Includes:

  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Motor Mini
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Camera Hot Shoe Clamp



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